Friday, August 31, 2012

Galway, Ireland

I'm in Ireland! On the morning we arrived, looking at the world map above the bed in my cabin, I was in awe to see the distance we traveled and to know that I would step off the ship in Ireland. My first step was actually on to a lifeboat since we tendered into Galway from our anchored ship. I started the day with an Irish breakfast, went into the cathedral, wandered the streets listening to street musicians, had lunch in a pub, and picked up our rental car. I can probably say that driving on the left side of the road, sitting in the driver's seat on the right side of our Fluence, on a narrow road with a 100km speed limit and winding curves, giving me slight panic attacks when speeding locals and buses passed by, was a perfect way to begin the first of many new, wild, eye-opening, and exciting adventures. The Irish are friendly and charming, and as future posts will illustrate, the countryside is beautiful. I'm grateful to have three new friends with me on this road trip through Ireland. The decision to slowly drive across the country from Galway to Dublin is proving to be a brilliant decision as we drive through small towns to see various sights. I'll share more soon!


  1. AGREED! It was some of the best times I've enjoyed this entire year. Hearing the excitement of your mom calling you via Facetime was also a highlight :)

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