Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bon Voyage!

In two weeks I will begin a four-month voyage around the world! I will be one of the two librarians on the Fall 2012 Semester at Sea voyage. I am fully aware of what a blessing this opportunity is. I am not placing any expectations on the trip, but I would be surprised if this wasn't a life changing experience. I am going to 14 countries and even more cities, all of which I have never seen before. The shipboard life, a college campus on a ship, is incredibly unique. I am excited about the adventures ahead of me. I may be more than slightly anxious, but who wouldn't be with a once in a lifetime experience only days away. Pretty soon my daily routine is going to be shockingly altered, as I will find myself on a canal ride through Amsterdam, on a camel in the Sahara desert on my way to sleep in a nomad tent, sitting around a fire in Ghana listening to African drumming and folktales, and on a riverboat deep in the Amazon jungle. I look forward to sharing my experiences and giving thanks to God for the trip of a lifetime. Talk to you soon, and please keep Barack Obama in the White House for when I return, otherwise I may decide to stay in Belgium and eat chocolate and drink coffee all day. Peace!


  1. Yay, it will be fun following your adventures and living vicariously through you as you travel the world by sea! We'll do our part over here in the states this Fall ;)

  2. the only reason anyone should be on a boat is if they're discovering something

  3. There are people, unnamed, in high echelon positions that I could call at this moment and tell them to nullify... uh, the uh, JRP Semester at Sea.