Thursday, August 23, 2012

Halifax, Nova Scotia

Our first stop before making the Atlantic crossing to Ireland was a stop in Halifax to pick up 500 excited students. My time here was short, but fun, filled with a walk along the waterfront boardwalk, a stop in a cathedral on the hill, which I peeked in to find a mass in progress, decadent fries from a food truck, a walk through the botanical gardens in the middle of the city, a stop at the Citadel (pictured here), looking over Halifax, and a beaver tail dessert of fried wonderfulness with chocolate, peanut butter, and Reese's, which was far superior to the local Canadian Poutine. I'm meeting awesome people and enjoying these new friendships. The shipboard life is a close community and makes for a promising and fulfilling voyage. I said goodbye to the sight of land for a week, as we cross the Atlantic. Stepping foot on Ireland soil will be a good feeling after a long crossing! My next update will be about life at sea, which is quickly shaping into a unique experience, to say the least. Until then ...

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