Saturday, September 8, 2012

London and Bath, England

London baby! Of all the songs I listened to in London, The Beatles comprised about 75% of those songs. London was busy, so rather than reflect, allow me to list the reasons I left London with sore legs, despite the significant help from the Tube. Day 1 with Jacques, Emily, and Brett: Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, tikka masala in Kensington, and pistachio gelato, tiramisu, and pancakes with chocolate mousse and caramelized oranges for dessert in Chelsea (yes, all 3 in one night). Westminster Abbey was by far the highlight. I can't find words to describe the beauty, power, royalty, history, and inspiration inside those walls, not to mention the dozens of legendary writers buried inside, as well as historic figures such as Henry the III, V, and VII, and Queen Elizabeth I. Day 2 with a rotating cast of Jessa, Claire, Holly, Kim, Isaiah, Henri, Jacques, Emily, Brett, Kai, and Annalyn: Breakfast in Notting Hill, the British Museum, Tower of London, Tower Bridge, a beautiful sunset by Westminster Bridge and Parliament, dinner by the Tate, and drinks in a Kensington pub. The highlight was probably the sunset at Parliament, a fitting end to have the sun wash and fall over the city we explored during the day. Day 3: An English breakfast in Kensington, street shopping in Camden, more Indian food and coffee near Oxford Square, the Tate Modern (where Claire and I were deeply moved by watching the full flash mob performance as much as Henri and Jessa were moved by the Damien Hirst exhibit), and a ride on the London Eye during sunset to close out the day shortly before an Olympic-themed light show was projected onto Parliament from across the Thames river. The highlight was definitely friends; although the sites were amazing, the laughs and conversation along the way made the days and nights memorable. On our last day in London, Emily, Jonathan (not me), and I (me), took the train to Bath, which turned out to be an excellent decision, seeing the Roman Baths, old English charm with endless chimneys decorating the narrow streets and skyline, and an incredible lunch of shephard's pie and duck egg tapas, followed by the best sticky toffee pudding I had thus far (3 total). London was rich with history and was much more unique than I had expected. The city may have signs of modernization, but the royal and historic feelings remain. I left England with sore legs, but a strengthened and fulfilled heart thanks to a group of friends exploring England while ultimately discovering the joy of friendship and shared experiences. I had a smashing time on holiday, quite brilliant, and we certainly had a laugh!


  1. Jonathan, you can now become a travel writer, in your spare time, as you capture every nuance of your travels. You are so true to yourself in that the over riding message you put forth is the bond of friendship, which makes all of your experiences more meaningful. If you were to lose every picture you've taken, you would still have these moments engrained in your soul to cherish. I am so enjoying your posts.

  2. O-Qua Tangin Wann... Qua Omsa Lagee Wann