Monday, September 3, 2012

Dublin, Ireland

Driving across the country of Ireland was indeed a brilliant decision, but since I was the driver, I patiently waited for my first Guinness in Ireland in Dublin; paired with an Irish stew it was well worth the wait! A large group of us went out to the pub and I truly felt friendships developing and a growing sense of evolving together as this unique experience brings us together in a meaningful way. The next day I walked around Dublin by myself to quickly see more of the city before our ship disembarked. I attended services at St. Patrick's Cathedral and Christ Church Cathedral (I attended services for the singing and worship, but the clever avoidance of an entry fee is certainly another factor in the decision), and children in uniforms sang at St. Patrick's Cathedral, their innocent but powerful voices resonating through the high vaulted ceilings. I may or may not have had coffee and pastries for both breakfast and lunch as I walked around the Temple Bar area, Dublin Castle, and other parts of the city. Lastly, I walked through Trinity College and went to the Book of Kells exhibit. Viewing a book written so long ago was inspiring, especially thinking about the faith I believe in and how that faith was passed down to me, thousands of years later. To be honest, the old library might have been the highlight. I couldn't take a picture, although I did ask the security guard if librarians have special picture taking privileges (they do not), so look up Trinity College's old library and get a sense of how amazing the room is. The day ended with a long 45 minute walk because my "friends" Claire and Kim sarcastically waved to me from the full and last bus back to the ship, as I selflessly gave up a seat to let others on. Ireland was a fulfilling, spiritual, and memorable experience, and the country faded away on the horizon as we set sail for London.

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  1. Chocolate candy! Uhhh, oatmeal cookies, oatmeal cookies! Soda pop! Orange soda pop! And we be eatin' like dogs, man. For a while, anyway.